Install A Flat Roof For Your Commercial Business in Liberty Lake and Spokane, WA


Are you looking for an alternative to a pitched roof? Flat roofing can be a great option for your commercial business. DG Contracting offers flat roof installation, repair and replacement in Liberty Lake and Spokane, WA. Our trained crew of roofing contractors has over 30 years of combined experience, so we have the skills needed to properly repair or install your flat roof. Our in-house consultant will meet with you in-person to discuss your roofing needs, and to help you choose the type of flat roof material that'll work best for your commercial business. We even offer residential flat roof installation.

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You may think that flat roofing can cause water to pool on the roof of your home or business, but flat roofing is actually designed to allow proper water drainage to avoid pooling. Hire our roofing company in Liberty Lake and Spokane, WA to complete your flat roof installation because:

Flat roofing is low maintenance- Flat roofs are easy to inspect and maintain should any issues arise
Flat roofs are energy efficient- Save money on your utility bills with energy efficient roofing materials
You'll get added space- HVAC and refrigeration components can be installed on your flat roof to save valuable square footage for your business

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